Varför NTR-certifierat?

Many good reasons to use NTR Certified wood products

  • The main benefit of choosing NTR marked wood is the high quality with ensured long service life fit for purpose.
  • It is easy to choose the right quality for a specific purpose due to the NTR classification system.
  • A third-party control body is checking the quality ensuring a high quality of the end-product.
  • NTR-products are a safe choice for the customer:
    • NTR-products have test proven durability.
    • Wood is protected with preservatives that meet all the environmental and safety requirements.
    • High quality raw material because of slowly grown and strong pine trees with high density. – Wood is sourced from local and sustainably managed forests.
  • Furthermore, all preservatives are approved by an independent technical group and the preservatives used meets all the environmental requirements (EU and national).