Financing and fees

NWPC Nordic Wood Preservation Council, are financed by the Nordic wood preservation industry, the Nordic trade associations, preservative manufacturers and affiliated non-Nordic producers.

The NTR budget mainly covers the managing of the NTR system including maintenance and revisions of the NTR Documents, the evaluation and approval of preservatives, research projects as well as the NTR database for managing audit.

FEES and price  

Annual fee for founding associations 1 700 000 SEK

Fees for preservatives

  • Approval fee 37 000 SEK
  • Use class fee/year 3 000 SEK
  • Renewal fee 22 000 SEK
  • Re-evaluation fee 20 000 SEK
  • Base fee non-Nordic producers/year 1 100 EURO
  • Volume fee non-Nordic producers/year 0,65 EURO/M3

Fees are approved by the NTR annual meeting and when changed it is published here.

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