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Categories and newsletters

Nordic Wood Preservation Council publish news and updates in two categories:

  • NTR Wood products
  • NWPC Wood processing

The categories is used also to distribute newsletters to anyone that want to stay in touch with updates and development.

NTR Wood products

The NTR wood products category and related newsletter is directed to users of durable wood products and gives news and facts about how and were to use wood and related building codes and standardisation.

NWPC Wood processing

This is related to the NTR system and will give updates and news related to regulatory affairs, production control and other relevant topics and news. Target audience is professionals working with wood processing, control and audit and the development of the NTR system.

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Sustainable construction means longevity, through using wood material with the longest possible life cycle. For pressure-impregnated wood,...

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Safe and effective!

Safe and effective!

NTR-certified wood products are treated with thoroughly tested, modern agents that provide effective protection against rot. Wood protected with...

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