Circular construction material!

The timber used for our products comes from environmentally certified forestry operations in Nordic forests. While growing, the trees have assimilated and bound carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The wood is cut, planed and impregnated locally, which means short transport distances.

The wood impregnation is carried out in a closed process that is designed to eliminate the risk of the treatment agents spreading to the surroundings. Surplus impregnation fluid is recovered and reused. The active substances in the impregnation agent are copper salts. Water is used to dissolve the salts during the process in which they are pressed into the wood cells, where the salt is embedded and the water dried off. The wood treatment agent remains fixed in the wood product throughout its service life.

After use, when the impregnated wood products are demolished or discarded, the impregnated wood is recycled through the medium of energy recovery. The ash from the incineration process is not in any risk class and can therefore be used in the same way as ordinary ash – such as enriching the soil.

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Circular construction material!

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