Safe and effective!

NTR-certified wood products are treated with thoroughly tested, modern agents that provide effective protection against rot. Wood protected with modern treatment products has a long service life, at low cost and using a relatively small amount of effective wood treatment. Long service life, short transport distances and bio-based materials are the key parameters for superior environmental performance during the life cycle.

Our work with treated wood is to contribute to the sustainable construction practices of the future. These practices, which are constantly being developed and improved, minimise the impact on climate and the environment, and they also helps boost sustainable economic development. We also assume production responsibility – from newly-made, treated planks to demolition and waste management – by working to promote sustainable product handling throughout the life cycle.

Wood is one of our most valued and environmentally-friendly construction materials, especially when it lasts for years and years, which is precisely what the treated wood industry has to offer. NTR-certified wood goods unite tradition and the future when we build with wood that lasts an exceptionally long time. Elevated durability is quite simply the most sustainable choice of all!

good reasons for NTR certified wood

Leave the forest be!



Safe and effective!

Circular construction material!

Four times longer!