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Wood protection, such as preservative treatments prolongs the service life of local Nordic wood species (Scots pine etc.) and makes them suitable for construction, gardening and agricultural purposes.

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Reliable service life

Using NTR-marked wood with long service life is good for your economy and is the best sustainable choice when building.

Circular construction material!

The timber used for our products comes from environmentally certified forestry operations in Nordic forests. While growing, the trees have assimilated and bound carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The wood is cut, planed and impregnated locally, which means short...


Sustainable construction means longevity, through using wood material with the longest possible life cycle. For pressure-impregnated wood, requirements for certification should be applied in accordance with the NTR Wood Durability Quality System: the treated wood must...

Safe and effective!

NTR-certified wood products are treated with thoroughly tested, modern agents that provide effective protection against rot. Wood protected with modern treatment products has a long service life, at low cost and using a relatively small amount of effective wood...


It is a question of choosing the right sort of wood to make sure that the environmental impact is minimised, when calculated over the total service life. Wood protected with NTR class A treatment agents and used in contact with the soil – as fence posts, for example –...

Leave the forest be!

Using wood as a construction material naturally entails the felling of areas of forest. Wood from the Nordic region is not naturally resistant to rot, so in order to use wood in places where there is a risk of rot, the wood has to be treated in one way or another....

Four times longer

The service life of wood products varies according to factors such as the local climate and local micro-fauna, as well as the area of use, structure and maintenance. Wood that has been protected with modern wood treatment agents has a long service life, and this can...

“Timber with long service life is the preferred material considering all aspects of sustainability. It is an misconception that wood preservatives is a threat to our health and environment. Modern durable treated timber, such as impregnated wood is safe to use.

Environmental certification- and classification systems such as Svanen often rates NTR marked wood as safe and preferred. Long expected service life and correct use together with efficient and modern wood preservatives is required. It saves recourses with only a small and acceptable environmental cost/risk.”

Fredrik Westin

General Secretary, Nordic Wood Preservation Council

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