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NWPC - Newsletter about NTR

NWPC - Newsletter about NTR

‍Newsletter from
Nordic Wood Preservation Council, NWPC 

Updates about the NTR

The Wood Durability Quality System

You recieve this newsletter because you have been in contact with us regadring durable wood, NTR or events arrangedf by us. You can modify or stop this mail from comming by "unsubsribe" below.

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Nordic Wood Preservation Council, NWPC publish news related to the NTR-system and will give updates and news related to regulatory affairs, production control and other relevant topics and news.

First Newsletter from NWPC

Welcome to the first new newsletter from Nordic Wood Preservation Council. We will serve you with news related to the NTR-system and will give updates about the NTR system and related regulatory affairs, production control and other topics and news. We will write to professionals in the wood preservation industry and have an interest in following the development of the Nordic Wood Preservation and the NTR-system. The news will be written and published on our website, as it happens and we will regularly generate and send a newsletter to all subscribers. All news published is publicly available. Please make sure that your colleges and business associates subscribes to our news.

Approval list nr 100 published

The Technical Group (TEG) of the Nordic Wood Preservation Council has published an updated Approval list The Approval list is the complete and current list of Wood preservatives and other wood protection systems approved by the Nordic Wood Preservation Council. The list specify the NWPC Certified Wood preservative and systems and retention requirement according to the NTR-system. Approval list nr 100 includes a new product category, OTHER OIL BASED PRODUCTS and the new product Tanasote S40, with the intended use of poles and slipers as an alternative to creosote.

Open hours during summer holidays

During the summer holiday the office will be closed during the period of Friday the 16:th of July to the 8:th of August. First day of business as usual is the 9:th of august. Have an nice and safe summer holiday Fredrik Westin

N‍ordic Wood Preservation Coucil was founded by Dansk Træbeskyttelse, Kestopuuteollisuus ry / Finnish Wood Preserving Association, Treindustrien, and, Svenska Träskyddsföreningen/ Swedish Wood Preserving Association.

The newsletter is published by NWPC‍,
Publisher is MD Fredrik Westin


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