Vad är NTR

The quality mark of the NTR Durable Wood Quality System. The check mark in this illustration is replaced by the current NTR Wood Protection Class. For example A or AB.

NTR is a well-established quality brand used for classification and quality control of preservative treated wood. The system is unique in the world and has helped to develop a very high consumer confidence in wood protected against fungal and insect attack on the Scandinavian market.
NTR was introduced 50 years ago (1969) as a cooperation between the Nordic countries based on an initiative of the Nordic Ministerial Council. Today it has evolved into a cooperation between the Nordic wood protection trade associations (Dansk Træbeskyttelse, Kestopuuteollisuus, Treindustrien, Svenska Träskyddsföreningen).

Why Wood Protection?

Wood protection, such as preservative treatment in general, prolongs the service life of local Nordic wood species (Scots pine etc.) and makes them useful for construction, gardening and agricultural purposes.