Nordic Wood Preservation Council

Nordic Wood Preservation Council (NWPC) was founded in 1969 and is today an organisation for the Nordic industry associations in the field of wood preservation. The members are:

• Danish Wood Protection

• Finnish Wood Preserving Association

• Treindustrien

• Swedish Wood Preserving Association

The objective of NWPC is to promote the development in the field of industrial preservative treated wood. NWPC is coordinating the member organisations to work together and with a scientific approach promote durable wood products.

In mid-1970s NWPC initiated the development of a common Nordic standard for impregnated wood and a system for the approval of wood preservatives and quality control of producers and wood products.

During the years the NTR-Documents and the NTR-Quality system has been developed to include a set of documents and instructions including third party control bodies performing inspections to all producers that is following the NTR-control procedures. The producer is given the right to mark the wood products with the NTR-mark.

NWPC and the NTR-mark has strengthened the position of durability enhanced wood on the market and the industry. NWPC and the NTR-mark is renowned over the world. In Europe it is one of the best-known quality systems in the field.

Producers in the Nordic countries with only few exceptions has earned the rights to mark their products with the NTR-quality mark. Outside the Nordic countries the NTR-system is gaining position and currently (2019) 15 companies in the Baltic states, Russia and Germany has the right to mark wood products with NTR-quality mark. Today there is close to 130 industrial producers that produce durable wood products according to the NTR-quality system.

Important success factors are

• Scientific based cooperation

• Quality and standardisation

• Requirements for long services life of durability of wood

• Nordic wood raw materials

• Implementation and development of industry standards for EHS. Environment (E), health (H) and safety (S)

NWPC’s primary activities are:

1) Develop and maintain NTR quality system, including the NTR-Documents and guidelines.

2) Administer, maintain and support a coordinated implementation of the control system including the

i) approval of wood preservatives for industrial wood preservation and

ii) Appoint quality control bodies for third party control of producers

iii) Appoint industrial independent directors to the Technical Group

3) Support and promote development of wood protection products and technical processes including field tests and test methods.

4) Information and cooperation


The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body in NWPC. It consists of representatives of the member organisations and meets once a year.

The Board of Directors shall work to ensure that the determined activities are carried out within the framework of the budget. It consists of a maximum of two members from each member organisation.

The NWPC-Technical group is NWPC’s executive body and is responsible for, among other things, for the approval activities for wood protection products.

The Secretariat  is responsible for NWPC’s administration and finances and is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

NTR’s activities are financed by annual fees from member organisations and fees for the approval of wood preservatives and modified wood process.