The General Assembly appoints the members of the Technical Group (TEG) via a proposal from NWPC’s Board of Directors, for a period of two years. In the event of a withdrawal during one’s current mandate period, a new member of the Technical Group shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Technical Group consists of 3 – 5 individuals from a minimum of two countries.

The members of the Technical Group may not be in any position of personal employment or financial relationship with producers of wood preservatives or wood processors.

Meetings and Decision making

The Technical Group normally conducts two meetings per year. If necessary, additional meetings can be held.

Within itself, the Technical Group elects a chairman for a period of two years. The Technical Group has a quorum to decide when a maximum of one representative is absent, however a minimum of three representatives must be present.

For the Technical Group to take a decision, it must unanimous. Decisions of the Technical Group regarding certification cases cannot be appealed by the Board of Directors.


The Technical Group is responsible for approval of wood preservatives, and publication of the Approval list according to Technical Group work description.

The Technical Group is referral body to revision of the NTR-Documents.

Ordförande & sekreterare

Niels Morsing

Teknologisk Institut
Trä og Miljö
Postboks 141

Telefon:   +45 72 20 20 00
Direkt:      +45 72 20 23 12
Mobil:       +45 722 02 312
e-post:     nmo@teknologisk.dk


Per Otto Flaete

Norsk Treteknisk Institutt
Postboks 113, Blindern
NO-0314 OSLO

Växel:   +47 988 53 333
Mobilt:   +47 951 36 270
e-post:   per.otto.flate@treteknisk.no

Pia Larsson Brelid

RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden
Gibraltargatan 35

Växel:      +46 10-516 50 00
Direkt:     +46 10-516 57 24 (direkt)
Mobil:      +46 70-747 27 85
e-post:   pia.larssonbrelid@ri.se

Petteri Torniainen

Finotrol Oy
Teollisuuskatu 3

Telefon:     +358 40 589 25 69
e-post:      petteri.torniainen@finotrol.fi


Nasko Terziev

SLU, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
Inst för skogens produkter
Box 7008
SE-750 07  UPPSALA

Växel:       +46 18-67 10 00
Direkt:       +46 18-67 25 89
Mobil:        +46 70-667 25 89
e-post:     nasko.terziev@sprod.slu.se