NTR Conference

The NTR Conference is the most important Nordic event in the field of wood protection and every second year the Nordic Wood Protection Conference attracts everyone that works with wood protection.

The Nordic Wood Protection Conference has a long tradition as a highly regarded forum for anyone in the Nordic countries interested in wood protection, and in recent years it has seen an increase in international participants. The first conference was held in 1952 and now, 70 years later, is held for the 35th time.

The aim of the Wood Protection Conference is to serve as a forum for spreading updated knowledge and information related to wood protection, as well as allowing participants face-to-face informal interactions and networking in a relaxed atmosphere. Socializing is important.

The responsibility to hosting the conference is shared between the funding members.

The programme focuses on current hot topics: market-related issues, wood protection and sustainability, product development, standardization and the NWPC package of regulations for quality-certified treated wood products – all topics addressing the wood protection industry as well as all those interested in wood protection, researchers, regulators and the building industry.

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