Manufacturing of NTR-marked wood

Producers of industrially protected wood who wish to produce according to the requirements in NWPC Document No 1 can for each of their production sites, seek affiliation to quality control according to this Document.

Producers affiliated to third party quality control have the right and obligation to brand the products with the NWPC quality marks.

When the requirements in the NWPC Document no 3 are satisfied, the producer has the right to produce NTR certified, industrially protected wood according to NWPC Document No 1, as well as the right and obligation to brand the treated wood with the NWPC quality marks.

The right to brand treated wood with the NTR quality mark is communicated in a certificate specifying wood protection class, commodity and wood preservative. The certificate will be invalid when subject to changes regarding wood protection class, commodity, wood preservative or because of sanctions.

The producer alone is responsible for the treated wood produced. Any changes in connection with the production or plant operator in charge must be reported in writing to the quality control body without any delay.