Why choose NTR-certified wood?

Many good reasons to use NTR Certified wood products

The main benefits of choosing NTR-marked wood are that it is assured of being of high quality, has a long service life and is fit for purpose.

1. The NTR classification system makes it easy to choose the right quality wood for the specific intended purpose.

2. Audit by third-party control bodies provide quality assurance of the end-product.

3. NTR products are a safe choice for the customer. The products have been tested to prove their durability.

4. Wood is protected with preservatives that meet all the environmental and safety requirements.

5. The wood is high quality raw material taken from strong, slow growing pine trees with high density, and sourced from local and sustainably managed forests.

6. Finally, all preservatives are approved by an independent technical group. The preservatives used meets all national and EU environmental requirements.

good reasons for NTR certified wood

Leave the forest be!



Safe and effective!

Circular construction material!

Four times longer!