Save the Date: NTR Conference 2024

2024-05-08 | NTR Conference, NWPC Wood processing

We noticed that our last newsletter did not reach all recipients due to a technical issue. To ensure that everyone receives the important information, we are sending it out again. If you have already received this newsletter, we ask for your understanding with this additional mailing.

Mark your calendars for the NTR Conference 2024, taking place on November 6-7 in Helsinki, Finland.

As the most important Nordic event in the field of wood protection, the Nordic Wood Protection Conference celebrates its 36th edition this year. First held in 1952, this biennial event has become a prestigious forum, attracting professionals involved in wood protection.

The conference begins at lunchtime on November 6, setting the stage for an afternoon of insightful discussions and professional exchange. Join us for two days of inspiration and learning as we discuss current hot topics such as market-related issues, wood protection and sustainability, product development, standardization, and the NWPC package of regulations for quality-certified treated wood products.

The conference will not only feature engaging lectures designed to promote innovation and share cutting-edge knowledge but will also include enjoyable activities to facilitate networking and socializing. An evening dinner on November 7th will provide a delightful conclusion to the conference, allowing further opportunity for networking and collaboration in a pleasant setting. The departure day is planned for November 8, considering the dinner the day before.

Upcoming Details

Further details regarding the conference program, registration, and other related information will be sent out closer to the event date. Stay tuned for updates and prepare to dive deep into the latest advancements in our field.

We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki for this milestone gathering of leaders and professionals from the wood protection industry.