NTR Certified wood Newsletter campaign

2021-12-21 | NTR Wood products

The Nordic Wood Preservation Council has launched an awareness campaign about the advantages of NTR certified wood to professionals working with wood products, such as engineers, architects, specifiers, property owners and builders. The campaign will initially be on social media like LinkedIn using short animations. The current concept is to use “good reasons for using NTR certified wood” proposing six different and not to all known facts about NTR certified wood.

Texts based upon research and statistics is available for readers who want to know more about the good reasons for using NTR certified wood.

The campaign also include a film from Växjö to give an example of an successful cooperation between landscape architecture and development of public city space.

The NTR campaign will start during in the beginning of 2022 in several all Nordic countries in native languages and will also be visible in other countries in English.

Visit the landing page for NTR-Certified

Good reasons for using NTR certified wood !