It is a question of choosing the right sort of wood to make sure that the environmental impact is minimised, when calculated over the total service life.

Wood protected with NTR class A treatment agents and used in contact with the soil – as fence posts, for example – has an expected service life of 20 years, compared to untreated wood in soil, which has a service life of just four years. This means that the service life of treated wood is five times that of untreated wood, which means that NTR-certified wood products lead to the lowest environmental impact as calculated over the entire service life.

The wood treatment agents used should provide the greatest possible durability, while generating the least possible impact on health and the environment. Our goal is to promote the continuous development of wood treatment agents with less and less environmental impact – and we are achieving this by consistently using the best technology available on the market.

good reasons for NTR certified wood

Leave the forest be!



Safe and effective!

Circular construction material!

Four times longer!