Four times longer

The service life of wood products varies according to factors such as the local climate and local micro-fauna, as well as the area of use, structure and maintenance. Wood that has been protected with modern wood treatment agents has a long service life, and this can be achieved at low cost through using a relatively small amount of effective wood treatment.

The effect is significant, in that it enables wood to be used in many more construction elements, which is a precondition for using more wood in building the societies of the future. But how great is the benefit of extending the service life?

Experience indicates that on average the service life of a product that uses treated wood is 3.8 times longer, which means that to achieve the same service life using untreated wood, it would be necessary to build the same structure almost four times instead of just once. It also means that, in addition to the actual wood used, it would be necessary to include four times instead of once the cost and environmental impact stemming from aspects such as transport, purchase and construction, tools, salaries, screws and nails, demolition, recycling and transport.

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