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The NTR system ensures a long service life

Wood protection, such as preservative treatments prolongs the service life of wood and makes them suitable for construction, gardening and agricultural purposes.


How to specify treated timber


List of all companies and producers with current valid certificates


Information to wood producers and preservatives

-We are proud of Vattentorget,

Lisen to what Malin Engström, executive director of Technical Management at Växjö Council and Niklas Bosrup, Landscape Architect at Sydväst Arkitektur and Landskap have to say about using wood in public architecture.

Durable wood is a Sustainable choice

Creativity and good architecture transforms city spaces to recreational parks inside towns and cities. Natural materials and durable NRT-certified wood with expected service life of more than 25 years.

Fredrik Westin

In harmony with Nature

It is important for us to make our uniqueness in nature accessible in an environment close to the sea for as many people as possible. The administration has a high level of competence in terms of construction and making sustainable choices.

– Mats Abrahamsson, chairman Sotenäs municipality

Wood in public space

Hammarby Sjöstads most popular area and has been regarded Durable Wood Award for its competent and inspiring use of preserved wood.

Treated wood extends service life

Durable wood according the NTR-system extends service life with several times and makes wood a very competitive building material. Long service life, cost effective, availability, safe and sustainable.

“Timber with long service life is the preferred material considering all aspects of sustainability. It is an misconception that wood preservatives is a threat to our health and environment. Modern durable treated timber, such as impregnated wood is safe to use.

Environmental certification- and classification systems such as Svanen often rates NTR marked wood as safe and preferred. Long expected service life and correct use together with efficient and modern wood preservatives is required. It saves recourses with only a small and acceptable environmental cost/risk.”

Fredrik Westin

General Secretary, Nordic Wood Preservation Council

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